Tuesday 26 July 2016

A resident complains about the gas mains repairs in The Fairway

Whilst I think all would agree that replacing and repairing gas mains is a good idea, some are less than content with the planning, communication and disruption.

Here is what one resident thinks:

Whilst I appreciate that these works have to take place,  it's frustrating that no formal notification was sent out to me or my neighbours, meaning aside from the signs which went up along the A127 I was completely unaware of the extent and duration of works, or the proposed detours until the day before when I contacted my local councillors.

We are fairly fortunate that at the moment the children are off school which should make this easier in the mornings at least, but I can already see there being a mass of congestion because of a lack of planning and alternative routes.

Yesterday evening my journey home took around 25 minutes longer than normal and I noted that the traffic at Progress Road was still stacked way back towards Rayleigh at gone 7pm when its normally quite clear at this time.  This morning it seemed that the lights to the right of The Fairway had been adjusted to allow more cars through to aid with congestion, however those immediately to the left had not, meaning the traffic would bunch up more making it impossible to exit or turn into the Fairway safely.

For the second phase of the works, where the main entry to The Fairway is to be closed, the current proposed detour means over a minimum 10 week period, I will be travelling around an extra 300 miles to get into work etc.   I am not on a realistic public transport link to where I work and having walked the proposed route, I am not convinced that the roads in question around the Bellhouse Lane area are suitable for the weight of traffic that will be coming through.

Chris Adley

Wayletts, Old Eastwood Road

Chris is not the only resident to have made their feelings known to me, but they are the first since the roadworks went in.

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