Thursday 23 June 2016

Celebrate, a day for democracy to triumph

Today is the day, a momentous day. Whatever the result, this should be a celebration of democracy in action. Today is referendum day, when all in this still United Kingdom can have their say on whether we are to remain a member of the European Union.

I voted about three weeks ago; I have a postal vote. I see many faults in the EU and wish for reform. Yet, I voted Remain.

I guess my main reason is that I am an internationalist at heart - imagine no countries ...

Arguments regarding peace and prosperity also carry weight.

I am going to my local count tonight (Southend-on-Sea). I missed my re-election count so this at least gives me my annual fix. However, I like to see democracy in action, and contribute my bit to the process.

Whatever the result, in or out, I hope we can all respect both the result and those who promulgate opposing views.

It has to be said, and I am sure this is true of most people, that the EU and the referendum has been the subject of many conversations. Even when doing my rolling doorstep surgery I have spoken as much about today's vote as I have other, perhaps more mundane, topics.

I sense, certainly in the conversations I have had, a lead for those who wish to Remain. This may be due to the company I keep; it may also be due to my willingness to be open and frank when discussing the EU. I like to think I give permission to those who are 'shy' supporters of the European project.

There are those who were uncertain, certainly in the last week. These, though, were mostly erring on the side of caution, of choosing the known over the gamble, of being somewhat in the Remain camp.

Today is decision day. I hope that this settles the issue for a generation; I suspect it will not. Whatever, democracy wins, and I celebrate that.

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