Sunday, 21 February 2016

On the doorstep with Chris Vince

Chris Vince and Julian Ware-Lane
It was an interesting doorstep session. Milton ward is an interesting place for many reasons, not least because it is a straight Labour/Tory marginal. My victory four years was achieved with a mere 68 vote margin; last year we missed out by an even fewer 51 votes.

It was an interesting doorstep session. The usual topics came up: dog poo, parking, drug dealing, development. Some national issues too, such as Europe, immigration and the welfare state.

We had the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Essex, Chris Vince, with us. He went down well with residents, and whilst many were unaware to start with the May 5th sees not just elections for councillors but also for the PCC then his presence was warmly welcomed.

Chris is definitely in it to win it, and is focussing on victory in May. We need a Labour Essex PCC to stand up to the Tory Government and its agenda for cutting Police numbers. It is obvious that another Tory PCC will go meekly along with whatever the Cameron Government wants, and this is not good for Milton's residents.

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