Monday 15 January 2018

Peafowl motion declined - another sad day for animal welfare in Southend-on-Sea

From the minutes of the Cabinet (Southend-on-Sea Borough Council) meeting of Tuesday, 9th January 2018:

3 Notice of Motion – Caged Peafowl

At the meeting of Council held on 14th December 2017, Members received a notice of motion calling on the Council to move the caged peafowl in the Chalkwell menagerie to a more humane home.

This has been proposed by Councillor Ware-Lane and seconded by Councillor Willis.


1,  That it be noted that the peafowl have been bred in captivity and are in space sufficient for them and are being cared for. They are regularly fed and watered, breeding and show no signs of distress and are in good health. The space that they occupy has been recently improved and the Council is considering further improvements to their surroundings.

2,  That the Council continue to review the situation before coming to a decision about the future of the Peafowl and will take advice from independent animal welfare charities, i.e. RSPCA and RSPB.

Reasons for Decision

To respond to the notice of motion.

Other Options


Note:- This is an Executive Function
Eligible for call-in to Place Scrutiny Committee
Executive Councillor:- Holland

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