Saturday 2 December 2017

Labour comes to Southend-on-Sea

Southend-on-Sea is home to two constituencies, although you would be hard pressed to recall much mention of Southend West nowadays – especially in Labour circles. However, whilst a political long-shot for Labour as regards to Parliamentary aspirations, it is home to some promising prospects as far as local council elections are concerned.
Mr Corbyn and another packed room

Even Jeremy seemed to forget the West exists, often name-checking Rochford and Southend East (home to the second-best result in the General election in Southend-on-Sea). Those who want rid of Amess are bound to feel the pangs of disappointment.

Still, now that Rochford and Southend East is a target seat we will witness visits from the great and good in Labour circles. Yesterday, Mr Corbyn himself paid a visit.

I was invited to the Chamber of Commerce round-table policy discussion that preceded the rally, and it was a generally useful exchange of ideas about the challenges facing coastal communities, especially Southend-on-Sea. The assembled included a quartet from the Labour Group on the council, and an assortment of business men and women. I made my contribution, interjecting following praise by association on the support given by Labour to seafront businesses.

The rally that followed was very well attended; I was guess that more than 300 were present to hear Jeremy Corbyn. There were a few spare seats, which must have disappointed those who applied and failed to get a ticket for the event. Jeremy is not a bad speaker, and certainly has a style of his own. He promised to return to Rochford and Southend East – and maybe he will pause during the journey to consider the delights of Southend West.

I am pleased that Southend-on-Sea is on the map as far as Labour HQ is concerned. Of course, I take special pride in the fact that the biggest Labour vote in either constituency comes from Milton ward, a safe Tory ward until I was allowed to throw myself at it.

Labour is not a fan club for whoever leads it, but a cause for social justice and a fairer society. The rally was about Jeremy, but it was a Labour rally. We celebrate our successes, and plan to move Britain forward, fixing the mess that the Conservatives are daily creating. With Mr Corbyn in number ten, and perhaps a Labour MP in one of the Southend seats, the world will be a better place.

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  1. Such a pity Mr Corbyn kept the location of his appearance a secret, & only allowed the chosen few to attend his rally. Any truth in the rumour mooted by many that this was done to avoid Veterans, especially those of Op Banner, 1969 - 2007, from attempting to meet him & engage in a conversation regarding his lauding of Bobby Sands & other terrorists?


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