Monday 30 October 2017

We must remain in the Single Market

Labour is the party of work; it is in the name. We exist to give representation to working people, and this is not meant to be just an echo chamber. Labour exists to encourage job creation, to fight for good working conditions, and to look after those less than able to look after themselves.

In all that we do we must remember jobs - our support, those we really represent, need jobs. Ideally, more jobs than those seeking these jobs.

The big subject today is the European Union and our ongoing relationship after Brexit. Key is our access to the Single Market, and on this hangs the future of many jobs.

Whilst it is true that whatever the negotiations bring, going forward we will trade with Europe. However the nature of this trade could take any number of forms, and we must push for a form that gives us the best outcome in terms of jobs.

The Single Market has created the most powerful economic bloc in the world. This has led to prosperity right across the EU. Britain's divorce from the EU, and the attendant divorce from the economic success is most kindly described as a gamble. Those who value prosperity will be keen to limit this gamble, and this is best achieved by remaining in the Single Market.

Hardline Brexiteers see national integrity as above all other considerations. Yet, the biggest threat to our sovereignty will be economic weakness, and a perceived gain could turn into a serious loss, albeit unintentionally.

We must, for prosperity and for the future integrity of our nation, remain in the Single Market.

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