Sunday 4 June 2017

The day after another outrage

After another awful act of barbarity most of the major political parties are suspending national campaigning. Local campaigning is allowed to continue. This is obviously a sensitive issue, and one where mixed feelings are seen.

Uppermost in my mind are the victims of last night's terror act, and their loved ones. Such loss and injury must cause all sort of heartbreak and sadness.

This is the second terrorist act in the General Election campaign. Innocent lives lost and damaged forever by persons who lunacy is apparently unbounded.

The terrorists cannot be allowed to win. Their victory will be the altering of our lives, and this includes how we conduct our democracy. Of course we must tighten security measures and be mindful of the those who have suffered loss and injury, but we cannot allow democracy to be derailed.

Each of us reacts in different ways, and I pass no judgement on any of my political friends for how they choose to respond to such outrages. One thing is certain, and that we should be discreet. Some will go further and refrain from political activity, others will want to carry on as usual. Residents and voters  will also have mixed feelings, and those of us determined to attempt even modest campaigning must be mindful that some will not be appreciative on a day like this.

Above all, campaigning or not, let us remember those who suffer.

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