Saturday 3 September 2016


Rough sleepers was one of the topics that came up on the doorstep
SOS BUS in Southend High Street

A busy day. This morning's canvassing session was productive. A visit to the SOS Bus was fitted in. Then an afternoon at a Labour social event at O'Neill's.

The doorstep conversations were very good, very good indeed. I enjoy these conversations always, but some days are better than others.

The SOS Bus does a good job looking after those in need of help. They primarily operate in the High Street on Friday and Saturday nights, but also are on hand for first aid for special events (like's today's Italian Festival).

I was one of two speakers at today's social and spoke for about twenty minutes on party organisation and campaigning. I don't think anyone nodded off. Cllr Ian Gilbert also spoke; he discussed the local political scene.

Ian speaks

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