Tuesday 16 October 2018

Victoria and Milton BLP AGMs

Recent reorganisation has seen the old Central Branch in Rochford and Southend East split up into wards: Kursaal, Milton, St. Luke’s, and Victoria.

At this, grassroots, level the units are called Branch Labour Parties. I have always been a fan of local branches and grassroots activism. For most of my membership of Labour I have had a role in running a branch – most recently Leigh branch in Southend West. For a decade I was Secretary there.

At the weekend we had the inaugural meetings of Victoria and Milton Branch Labour Parties. The following officers were elected.


Julian Ware-Lane
Vice chair
Tom Murray
Jes Phillips

There is a vacancy for treasurer and Gary Farrer is temporarily doing this role until we can find a volunteer.


Karen Reinecke
Vice chair
Carl Mingard
Paul Stygal
Mac Felton

So I am back in an organisational role within the local Labour Party. I am still Treasurer of the Local Campaign Forum (although I am about to lose this at the AGM – when it gets organised). I am also Chair of the Southend Labour Club and Institute. Happy days.

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