Thursday 23 August 2018

Stephen George for Milton

Stephen George with Cllr Julian Ware-Lane

53 year old Stephen George has been chosen by members to be Labour’s candidate in Milton ward for next May’s elections.

Stephen is married with one son.

Stephen is a real asset to the Milton Labour campaign team and brings much to the table. Stephen played an important role in helping Cllr Cheryl Nevin get re-elected earlier this year.

He has been a Labour Party member for over 35 years and previously served on Southend Council for 11 years. 

He has the experience, skills and knowledge to serve the people of Milton, a ward he once represented before taking a break from politics to marry and start a family.

Stephen was first elected in 1999 in Milton ward before subsequently representing Kursaal. He is a former Deputy Group Leader (and acting leader for three months owing to the ill health of the then leader).

“Like many I have been horrified by what has happened locally and nationally over the last eight years. Austerity and continuous budget cuts has resulted in severe problems in Southend and elsewhere. Amongst these are a housing crisis with a consequential increase in homelessness, an education crisis with growing class sizes, a policing crisis with rising levels of crime, and a health crisis with local hospital services under threat.”

Stephen hopes he can complete a Labour hat-trick in Milton by ousting an underperforming Conservative councillor.

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