Wednesday 27 June 2018


The Labour Group on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council now has a Press Officer. Cllr Matt Dent was elected into the role earlier this week.

Central Branch has had its annual general meeting. The following posts were filled:

Chair – Rachel Heemskerk
Secretary – Martin Berry
Treasurer Kursaal – Des Heemskerk
Treasurer Milton – Mac Felton
Treasurer St Luke’s – Des Heemskerk
Treasurer Victoria – Gary Farrer

These postholders are likely to have brief tenure as there is a putative re-organisation of branches in the east of the borough.

The Council organises many training events and briefings for members. I do not get to everyone, but I get to as many as I am able. At a guess I would say I attend about half, but I admit to maintaining no attendance register. My attendance could be a lot poorer than I imagine. This week there was a briefing on localities and health. Four council officers ran this event, and their audience was six councillors. (These were Cllrs Arscott, Buckley, Folkard, Salter, Walker and myself). Five Conservative councillors, and me from the Labour Group. I have no idea what these things cost, and I know that these are important events. I also know that there are many demands on our times – I can often attest to being double-booked (and sometimes I have three or four clashing meetings). However, I cannot help but wonder whether this delivers value for money for our council tax payers.

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