Monday 26 February 2018

Can I call this a victory?

Here follows a Council press release -

New home for Chalkwell Park’s peacocks

Friday 23 February 2018
Chalkwell Park’s peacocks are to be rehoused to a 24-acre private estate.

The birds, which have been at the park for many years, will be rehomed this weekend.

Cllr Ann Holland, Executive Member for Culture, Tourism and The Economy, said: “I regularly receive correspondence from local people who feel their current accommodation at the park is not large enough.

“While we have had bird experts check the premises and confirm that the accommodation is ample for the birds, I have listened to local people’s feelings and accepted an offer for them to go to a private home where they will join other peafowl.

“While many people will be sad to see the peacocks go, we can all take comfort that they are moving to a bigger home where they will have plenty of room to spread their wings and roam freely.”

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