Monday 9 October 2017

Continued strong showing for Southend Labour on the doorstep

Those inventive Westcliff residents, beautifying the local area with unwanted white goods

An interesting doorstep session this weekend. A mixed bag of responses, but Labour scored 48%, some distance ahead of the hapless Tories who can’t catch a cold at the moment, not in Milton ward anyway.

The two main issues today concerned street begging and pavement cycling. I am doing what I can to address both issues, although street begging is easier to deal with, even if not entirely solvable.

It is some six months to the next round of local elections, and in six months anything could happen. However, at the moment it does look quite promising and Labour gains are that are being seen across the country in by-elections should be repeated in May next year. My doorstep experience over the summer and into autumn suggests that the Labour vote is as solid as ever, whereas there is considerable cause for alarm in Conservative circles.

In addition to our solid showing in the polls, our membership surge and increased levels of activism should assist us in our aim of a growing presence in the council chamber. I can report that local Labour meetings are witnessing higher levels of interest than has been the case for a number of years.

Southend Labour are looking good.

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