Monday 11 September 2017

The sad sight that is the fountain at Southend's Civic Centre

I can remember when this was working every day, a charming distraction as a child, young man, and adult. This sorry fountian now sits as a testament to neglect. For those who do not know of this fountain, it has pride of place right outside of the council offices in Victoria Avenue, Southend-on-Sea. It has become more of a home to trash than a monument to civic pride.

It is actually an interesting piece of art, and therefore there is also sad irony that the town that wants to be seen as the alternative city of culture cannot even look after its own art, let alone attempt to encourage new art and artists here.

Will this founatin ever work again? Well, I recall meetings where it has been promised to be put back into action. Someone even suggested moving it to the shared space at Victoria Gateway.

I hope it is renovated and made good soon. It cannot be a huge task. If the Chief Executive of South Essex Homes can award himself a new desk at £17,000 (of taxpayers' money) then surely this, which does not just comfort the rear end of a public servant but benefits us all, can be made good.


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