Thursday 21 September 2017

Judy, Judy, Judy

The Conservative majority in Southend-on-Sea’s council chamber is about to increase to five. Such is the merry-go-round that is party loyalty that we are never long from yet another defection.

This time it is Judith McMahon, elected as a Labour councillor in Kursaal ward, before resigning from the party and going independent a few months ago. I am reliably informed that she has joined the Conservative Party and has been accepted into their group on the council.

Judith’s switch makes Labour’s job of wresting power from the Tories locally a little bit harder, but not impossible. Certainly Judith’s attempt at re-election in 2019 will mean Kursaal will become a Tory-Labour battleground, one that Labour should be successful in.

In the meantime we will doubtless have yet another reshuffle of committee positions as turncoat McMahon has changed the proportionality in the chamber.

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