Tuesday 4 July 2017

Better late than never, I guess

It appears that Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians in Southend West have suddenly become champions of the main Post Office in Leigh-on-Sea.

Whilst I welcome supporters from across the political spectrum, it is a rather late conversion to a cause. Where were these people when we had two public demonstrations and a public meeting?

Still, every voice against this undesired closure is needed, wherever they come from. Communities are made by things like Post Offices.

I am proud to day that I have been actively campaigning for the Rectory Grove to remain for more than six months, as have many of my Labour colleagues. Had we seen a Labour victory on June 8th then our manifesto commitment to nationalise the Royal Mail would have seen these local facilities preserved. We can only hope that a Labour Government is not too far away and that communities will be rescued from these unpopular decisions.

Show your support by going here - www.facebook.com/saveleighpo

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