Thursday 24 November 2016

Cllr Nevin on PET-CT services in south Essex


Cllr Nevin on PET-CT services in south Essex

From December 2016, the interim arrangements for PET-CT service will be:

·         1 day per week of the mobile service at Basildon – an average of 13 patients per day / 52 patients per month. This number of days to be increased flexibly if this capacity is insufficient for the demand. There are currently 75 patients per month referred to the service from Basildon Hospital clinicians, which includes those patients seen at Basildon hospital who live closer to Southend.

·         2 days per week at the fixed service at Southend – an average of 18 patients per day / 128 patients per month. There are currently 105 referrals to the South Essex PET-CT service from hospitals other than Basildon.

Milton ward councillor, Cheryl Nevin, is Vice Chair of the  People Scrutiny Committee; she is also a member of the Essex and Southend Joint Health Overview Scrutiny Committee which is reviewing PET Scanner Services

 Cllr Cheryl Nevin said "I am delighted that NHS Commissioners have decided not to delay further the interim commissioning of PET Scanner services at Southend Hospital, whilst representations, made by Thurrock HOSC, are reviewed by Secretary of State for Health" .

She added: "It makes perfect sense to start treating patients for early diagnosis of cancers and cardiovascular conditions, in face of the recent unprecedented increase in demand."

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