Monday 24 October 2016

September's by-election summary

Lab % change
Dorset CC, Ferndown
Con hold

Lymington & Pennington TC, Pennington
LD gain from Con

Cornwall UA, Four Lanes
LD gain from UKIP

Bournemouth UA, Kinson North
Con hold

Otley TC, Ashfield (two seats)
Two LD holds

East Dorset DC, Parley
Con hold

Stockton UA, Grangefield
Con gain from Lab
Mansfield UA, Yeoman Hill
Lab hold

Barrow-in-Furness BC, Parkside
Lab hold

Sheffield CC, Mosborough
LD gain from Lab

Maidstone BC, Shepway South
UKIP hold
Carlisle DC, Castle
Lab hold

Newcastle CC, Blakelaw
Lab hold

East Hertfordshire DC, Puckeridge
Con hold

Hackney LB, Mayoral election
Lab hold

North East Derbyshire DC, Tupton
LD gain from Lab

Shropshire, Bishop’s Castle
LD hold
Cardiff UA, Plasnewydd
LD gain from Lab
Teignbridge DC, Teignmouth Central
LD gain from Con

North Lanarkshire UA, Coatbridge North & Glenboig
Lab gain from SNP

Hailsham TC, East
LD gain from Lab
Not contested

South Northamptonshire DC, Old Stratford
Con hold
Not contested

Gateshead MB, Chopwell & Rolands Gill
Lab hold

Cherwell DC, Adderbury, Bloxham & Bodicote
Con hold

Suffolk CC, Hadleigh
LD gain from Con

Carmarthenshire UA, Cilycwm
PC gain from Ind

North Warwickshire BC, Arley and Whitacre
Lab gain from Con

Cockermouth TC, Christchurch
LD gain from Con

Allerdale BC, Christchurch
Lab gain from Con
North Norfolk DC, Glaven Valley
LD hold

Eastwood TC, Hilltop

Not contested

Blackpool UA, Tyldesley
Lab hold

Teignmouth TC, Central (two seats)
LD gains (x2) from Con

Blaenau UA, Brynmawr
Ind hold

Derby UA, Allestree
Con hold

Wellingborough BC, Finedon
Con hold

Dacorum BC, Adeyfield West
LD gain from Con

West Lindsey DC, Cherry Willingham
Con hold

Hythe & Dibden TC, Furzedown Ward
LD hold
Not contested

Cotswold DC, Stow
LD gain from Con
Not contested

September's local authority elections present a mixed picture for Labour. Whilst they are some way from being a representative sample, it does give some indication of our popularity. Of course, every election is an individual story, but trends can be spotted.

·         Three Labour gains, as opposed to five losses.
·         Seven Labour holds.
·         Labour vote share went down on twenty occasions. It went up in eleven contests.
·         There were five contests with no Labour candidate.
·         The Liberal Democrats made thirteen gains.
·         Just the single Conservative gain. They loss ten seats.

In summary September looked like a good month for the Liberal Democrats, a poor month for the Tories, and an indifferent one for Labour.

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