Thursday 31 March 2016

Notes from the doorstep

Yup, it is definitely litter

Young dogs, old dogs, noisy dogs, quiet ones.  Quite a number of dogs, and quite a number of dog issues. Dogs that yap, dogs whose owners do not pick up after them. Poo trumps them all, specifically dog poo that is left behind by inconsiderate owners. The solution to all issues is for the owners to think beyond their selfishness.

Litter issues too. Flipping fly-tipping. Car parking, the state of the roads, the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union - all lively discussions. Health issues too came up.

Litter issues, a regular theme, are also easily solved if only some residents would think before acting.  Like doogie doings, the clean-up is paid for by all of us. In a time of diminishing resources we could do with all residents acting in the best interests of their neighbours. There really is no excuse for dropping litter, fly-tipping, or not picking up after your pooch.

Life seemed pretty good to those residents I spoke to, notwithstanding the aforementioned issues. Hopefully this is a sign of just how good the Joint Administration is for Milton ward. This is a wonderful ward to represent.

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