Thursday 24 March 2016

Dear Govt: please don't wreck the NHS until after I have had my op

This is post written in an act of pure selfishness. You see, I am having surgery soon and I hope that happens before the Tories utterly wreck the NHS.

Regularly we see news of the cuts. This is affecting public services everywhere. This includes emergency services, this includes the National Health Service.

Nothing matters more than your health, nothing.

Last century's stand out achievement for the United Kingdom was the creation of the National Health Service, above all else. This cradle to grave service  has helped create, save, improve lives. It has soothed, smoothed the transition from life into death, been preventative, and utterly transformed lives.

Our increasingly longer lives owe much to the standard of health care we all expect and receive.

It is often taken for granted. Not so for those in immediate need.

So, Government, whatever your warped view of economics and your odd and selfish views as regards to priorities, please lay off the NHS. We all need it, and this selfish correspondent especially so.

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