Monday 23 July 2018

Lions after slumber - pride in Southend-on-Sea

I have heard all sorts of numbers for those who attended Saturday's Pride march and after in Warrior Square Gardens. I can only attest to the very significant and large numbers that I was witness to.

Whatever the volumes, it was a really good event and made for a fantastic day. I look forward to seeing a repeat in 2019.

There are many joys in representing Milton ward in the Council chamber, and these sorts of events are just show what a great place it is.

I was delighted to see so many Labour comrades and supporters. I was pleased to see the occasional Tory too. I wonder where the Liberal Democrats and Independents were, but I may just have missed them. I did see a few Green Party friends enjoying themselves.

 Labour in Southend (well, me anyway) has been advocating this sort of thing for a few years now (It’s a queer thing). I can't claim credit for this week's events, but I am pleased to be able to support in my own small way.

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