Monday 26 March 2018

Do not build Forum 2 on one of the few open spaces in Milton says Milton Labour

Proposed site for Forum 2

The two Labour councillors in Milton ward are supportive of the presence of both the University and College in the centre of town.

They also cautiously welcome any extension of their facilities, although they note that only two of the three partners in the Forum are backing plans for Forum 2.

The plans for Forum 2 do give rise to concerns, especially as one of the few areas of green open space in the centre of town is threatened.

Councillors Nevin and Ware-Lane do not want Forum 2 to be built on the green space that lies between the Forum and the Farringdon Service Road.

Councillor Ware-Lane said: “There are quite a number of empty buildings in and around the High Street and I am requesting that these be explored as potential homes for Forum 2”.

Councillor Nevin added: “There are too few green spaces in Milton ward as it is. I want all the current green spaces to be preserved.”

There are also concerns that the popular big screen showings will have to end if this area is built upon.

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