Monday 19 December 2016

A bar chart to savour

I am not always a fan of bar charts. Sometimes they can be quite misleading. The Liberal Democrats are notorious for their use of them. However, in a year that saw me re-elected as Councillor for Milton ward, with a significant bump on both my majority and vote share I thought I would share a bar chart with you.

Vote share % May 2016
 Here is Milton's recent electoral record, Labour-wise:

2010  2nd  22.8%
2011  2nd  32.5%
2012  1st  35.8%
2014 1st  36.4%
2015  2nd  37.8%
2016  1st 45.3%

In six years the Labour vote share has nearly doubled, and in spite of increasing numbers of candidates. Milton now boasts the largest number of Labour votes in Southend-on-Sea. Not bad for this once Tory-stronghold.

My thanks to all who have helped make this happen.

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